Our Services

shutterstock_102141745_help_200x200Flying Fingers services both North American and European organizations in the public and private sectors. We are the leaders in our field of document preparation.

Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”? There is a reason why this statement is true. Ask yourself what it means to know that you can trust a company 100% to get the job done accurately and in a timely manner. Flying Fingers understands your deadlines and meets them. This is a company you can depend on! We take service to the next level.

Digital Transcription

Have a deadline and just can’t find the time? Digital transcription is the perfect solution. We not only transcribe verbatim, but we also include outside sounds, inflections and paralanguage. Time codes and continuous line numbers are a standard in our transcripts. This is an added source to help you find content on a given page more easily and more rapidly.

We have the necessary software to support most audio files. We can also convert audios through our Switch program. To ensure quality control, a proofreader reviews each transcript thoroughly before we send it to the client via e-mail or secure site. Transcripts are submitted as each audio has been completed.

shutterstock_77413675_240x160Word Processing/Copy Typing

We offer a range of convenient and reliable Word processing services. Our team delivers high-quality document processing solutions from handwritten, typed, printed, faxed or scanned paperwork. Our team are highly skilled professionals who meet your requirements.

Have texts, notes, reports, templates, manuscripts, thesis, PDF files, photocopied pages, etcetera that need to be typed in an electronic format? We have the expertise to put any document together. We spell check everything and proofread the entire Word document to ensure accuracy.

Data Entry

Combining years of experience and understanding your needs, our dedicated, professional data entry team who, along with their technical expertise, can design, organize and input content into an Excel spreadsheet.

We have all the necessary skills…all you have to do is call.

Real-Time Captioning

Provide on-site/remote capturing of Court Trials, Medical Board Review, Shareholder Meetings, Mediation, Minutes and Conferences, etcetera.

Experts in this industry, our team of Captioners ensure verbatim reporting using Luminex stenography software and equipment.

Turnaround time  is dependent on length of attendance.  For example, a four-hour day would take us 48 hours to prepare a transcript with review.

Flying Fingers is pleased to offer this new service in our continuing efforts to provide alternative resources to our Clients.