Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons to choose Flying Fingers:

pixabay-button-2076_1280Turnaround Time

We offer 24 to 48-hour turnaround time dependent on audio quality and length.


The process:

It takes one-hour to transcribe 15 minutes of audio for one-on-one interviews. A one-hour audio will take four hours to transcribe. For multiple participants, the ratio, again, depending on audio quality, is an additional 30 minutes for a one-hour audio.

The breakdown would be as follows:

One-on-One Interview

It would take us 5 hours to prepare a transcript; four hours to transcribe and one hour to review.

Focus Groups/Seminars/Workshops/Conferences

It would take us 4½ hours to prepare a transcript plus review.

Excel Spreadsheets

We provide solutions for your data entry needs. There is no hourly charge, just a flat rate for the assignment. What distinguishes us from other companies is our ability to review and create a spreadsheet that encompasses your needs in an orderly and concise format. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to produce a better-quality spreadsheet.

Word Processing

Psychological/Psychiatric/Rehabilitation Reports, Minutes, Manuscripts, Scripts for television shows, Books, Witness statements and Research studies are just a few of the documents we prepare. We work from PDF files, typed and/or handwritten notes according to your requirements. We will produce a professionally-finished document in any format you require.

PDF/Word Conversion

As part of our resources, we can convert documents either into a PDF or Word format.

Quality Control

As a final quality check, after the transcript has been completed, one of our highly skilled proofreaders will review the document by listening/reading using the Internet as a resource for spelling correctness before sending the finished product to the client.

Security & Confidentiality

This is our highest priority. We shall maintain the security and confidentiality of all audios and/or supporting documentation.

Our team has undergone extensive training and has signed Confidentiality Agreements ensuring safety of information.

Files can be uploaded to our secure site. Files can also be password-protected to ensure only those individuals who have authorization can assess these files.

Experienced Team

The Flying Fingers team are experienced in their respective fields of expertise. Our goal is to ensure accuracy of the finished product.

Flying Fingers is a company you can depend on!